Compose Views. Manipulate Data. Visualize Results.

Sterblue Superblocks is an open-source library to develop dashboard-like customizable interfaces, using React.

Why Sterblue Superblocks?

The reasons why we built and share this tool.

Customizable Interfaces

Create complex interfaces with a few lines of code. Customize them as you wish, or use already existing views from the Superblocks ecosystem.

Reusable Components

Don't repeat yourself. Thanks to the standardization Superblock brings, add a new feature to a View and it's available in all your other Views.

Separation of Concerns

Easily decouple the behavior of your components from their appearance. You can use the Design System you want and combine it with your logic.

5 Minutes

To get started


Components to start with


Typed with Typescript

How Sterblue Superblocks works

Build the UI of your Enterprise SaaS in a few lines of code.


Display data with Views

A View is a React component which will be passed standardized parameters. Up to you to imagine what to put in here. Maps, Lists, Galleries, 3D scenes... you name it! Or you can check our existing Views.

Manipulate Views with Tokens

Create Tokens to interact with your Views. You want to add a filter or pass custom styles for the View, you can do this with a Token.

Combine Views and Tokens in Blocks

Create the layout of your dreams by combining Views and Tokens within Blocks. You can even nest Blocks to create powerful dashboards.

Open source ReactJS-based UI Framework

Sterblue Superblocks offers templates to start building enterprise-grade interfaces in minutes.