Graph API#

The Sterblue Graph API is available at the following URL: It is at the core of Sterblue cloud-based architecture. It allows front-end applications to access all Sterblue back-end services in a unified way. The Graph API is a gateway to Sterblue services.

Architecture Overview

GraphQL standard#

The Graph API uses the GraphQL query language. A modern and open specification initiated by Facebook. Now it is used by a large part of the Web as a successor to REST APIs. The specification and documentation for GraphQL can be found at

The Graph API is implemented over HTTPS. In practice, most tools made for REST APIs are compatible with GraphQL APIs out of the box.


The API is available as a GraphQL API over HTTPS. All communications with the API are encrypted and secured using state-of-the-art standards. The API is used by Sterblue’s own applications (Web Apps, Cloud platform, Mobile App, Desktop App, etc…). It is open to integration with customers IT systems.

The Graph API integrates the authorization and authentication systems of Sterblue, ensuring complete user segregation from the lowest level.

The Graph API is hosted on AWS. Please find the list of AWS compliance programs here: , which includes ISO 9001, ISO27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018.


Sterblue GraphQL Playground provides the full interactive documentation of Sterblue Graph, with autocompletion and live queries:

Sterblue GraphQL Voyager provides an interactive Visualization of the Graph API schema:

Sterblue GraphQL Docs provides the full static reference documentation of Sterblue GraphQL API:

For any other information or training about the Graph API please contact Sterblue Support directly.

Otherwise, Get started with the API!