Unleash the Power of Sterblue

Build the inspection platform of your dreams using Sterblue SDK: a set of tools and services provided by Sterblue to its end customers to build automatic inspection programs.

Completely open

Why Sterblue SDK?

The reasons why we built and share these tools.


We were ourselves inspired and helped a lot by open APIs. We believe it is our duty to help others grow and create cool things by harnessing what we have built.

Unlock Value

Opening our SDK allows our users to fulfill their goals by tailoring their own solution using the building blocks we provide.

Grow an Ecosystem

The Industrial inspection market is huge, and we believe that one company alone cannot fulfill all possible needs in this space. Building together allows us to progress further.


Integrations through Zapier and Integromat


Coverage of Sterblue Features


Pages of documentation

How Sterblue SDK works

A tool built to allow you to jump from experimentation to deployment without obstacle.


. Install

Install Sterblue SDK

It takes one minute to install the SDK and get started with the API.
1brew install node yarn
2yarn init hello-sterblue
3yarn add @sterblue/graph-sdk
4touch index.js
5node index.js

. Develop

Develop Tools

The developer experience provided by Sterblue SDK is ideal, you get autocompletion, static typing and a ton of documentation to get you started easily.

. Query

Query Data

You can use Sterblue SDK to query large amounts of data from Sterblue database and process them using filters and sorting parameters.
1const result = await sdk.missions({
2 first: 200,
3 where: {
4 AND: [
5 { createdAt_gt: "2020-01-01" },
6 { execution: {
7 images_some: { valid: true }
8 } }
9 ]
10 }

. Manipulate

Manipulate Data

You can use Sterblue SDK to manipulate data on Sterblue database and trigger processing operations, directly from your code.
1const result = await sdk.createDetection({
2 type: { connect: { id: "cj8277376361" } },
3 confidenceScore: 0.9,
4 level: 0.95,
5 geometry: {
6 "type": "Polygon",
7 "coordinates": [[
8 [ 100, 200 ], [ 300, 400 ],
9 [ 200, 300 ], [ 100, 200 ]
10 ]]
11 }

Full Access to Sterblue APIs with no Technical Knowledge

Sterblue SDK helps you grow from no-code integrations using Zapier and Integromat to fully-fledged complex inspection programs and workflows.