Calibrate. Inspect. Process.

Sterblue Perception is an open-source inspection tool for building virtual twins of assets and 3D processing algorithms around them.

Completely open source

Why Sterblue Perception?

The reasons why we built and share this tool.


Use Sterblue Perception generic API to build new structures and trajectories easily.

Industry oriented

Enjoy ready-to-use structures and inspection strategies that meet all industry specific requirements.

Rich post processing

Organize inspection outputs to obtain coverage maps, stitched images, meaningful anomalies.


Sensors required, a monocular camera and a GPS

25 Minutes

Downtime for wind turbine inspection

10 cm

Anomaly location precision

How Sterblue Perception works

A tool built to ease drone inspections.


. Create

Design a parameterizable structure using Three.js

Create a structure made of several Three.js objects. Define links, degrees of freedom and parameters.

. Calibrate

Define a calibration strategy

Decide of several key points on the structure and record them with the drone, Sterblue Perception seamlessly tunes the structure's parameters to match the actual one.

. Inspect

Define an inspection strategy

Describe what area of the asset need to be inspected, Sterblue Perception creates an inspection trajectory respecting your requirements in term of resolution and overlap.

. Process

Use our post processing algorithms

Sterblue Perception contains a library of post processing tools to help you make the most out of the inspection.

. Invent

Create new processing algorithms

Integrate your own processing algorithms to the ecosystem using Sterblue Perception's toolbox.

Open source smart inspection toolbox

Sterblue Perception is based only on open source state of the art 3D tools.