Unleash your Drone's Potential

Sterblue Mobile is a mobile app that enables you to launch and monitor automated inspections of complex structures with your drone in a few taps.

Why Sterblue Mobile?

Interact Easily With Your Drone

Take profit of a fully JS API to interact and get data from your drone and sensors. Integrate seemlessly your UI and your business logic coding them in the same language.

Standardize Your Inspections

Replicate past inspections, making it easier for artifical intelligence algorithms to learn faster from every inspection you perform and opening the door for predictive maintenance.

Learn Once, Inspect Anything

The same workflow is used to inspect any kind of infrastructure, allowing you to develop new verticals in a hearbeat.


Automatic flight


Compatible drone models


Productivity increase

How Sterblue Mobile works

A tool built to make your industrial inspections easy.


. Choose

Select the inspection mission

Select the mission that you previously created on our Cloud, or create one with the structure of your choice from the app.

. Calibrate

Record keypoints with your drone

Fly your drone to some pre-defined key points and record them in the app. This ensures that the trajectory is correctly tied to the structure. It's the only time where you will fly manually, we promise!

. Launch

Start the inspection

Click on the play button and the drone starts its automated flight. It's that easy!

. Inspect

Monitor the inspection

You have complete control over the camera and the drone during the inspection. Focus on getting good data while the drone does its flight.

Want to learn more?

Have a look at our documentation to get further knowledge about Sterblue Mobile and start automating your industrial inspections.