Additional Libraries

Sterblue Libraries is an open-source boilerplate to deploy and monitor services using Terraform, Kubernetes, Istio, Helm and Docker.

Completely open source

Why Sterblue Libraries?

The reasons why we built and share these libraries.

Share Receipes

Help other teams having the same problem as we did. Sharing receipes helps making them better.

Strengthen our Ecosystem

Share what we believe are good practices and spread them. Bringing together larger communities around the tools we use also serve our interest.

Improve Quality

Having more users, more testers and even external contributors means that the quality of these open-source libraries will increase.


Libraries for now!


Open Source Apache 2 Licensed

5 Minutes

To get Started

How Sterblue Libraries works

A tool built to allow you to jump from experimentation to deployment without obstacle.


. Install

Install Libraries

Pick and install any of the libraries we open sourced, feel free, they are Apache-2 Licensed!
1yarn add @sterblue/geometry-referential
2yarn add @sterblue/react-smart-form

. Import

Import in your projects

Once you installed the libraries, you can import them and start using them. Don't forget to read the docs!
1import { convert } from "@sterblue/geometry-referential";
2const convertFromAtoB = convert(a,b);

. Combine

Combine and Build things!

Sterblue Libraries takes care of deploying your services using Terraform. You can cutomize the deployment by writing terraform files.
1import { convert } from "@sterblue/geometry-referential";
2import { SmartForm } from "@sterblue/react-smart-form";
3const convertFromAtoB = convert(a,b);
6 schema={schema}
7 onSubmit={position => convertFromAtoB(position)}

Open source state of the art Libraries

Sterblue Libraries is a collection oof Apache 2 licensed libraries and packages t help you solve complex problems. Learn more in the docs!