Sterblue has built a cloud native infrastructure, to provide the scalability and agility we needed.

The infrastructure is currently built on top of AWS, but it's not dependant of any specific closed source tehchnologies, and could be moved to any other major cloud provider quite easily.


Sterblue's infrastructure is divided into multiple layers:

  • Network layer

  • Infrastructure layer

  • System layer

  • Application layers

Each layer is dependant from the previous layer.

Network layer#

Foundation layer, responsible for defining the networks required to operate Sterblue's activities. It's itself composed of multiple networks, like administration, public, data, compute, in order to provide isolation.

Infrastructure layer#

Infrastructure layer holds key components such as Kubernetes clusters, Databases, monitoring cluster, bastion, ...

System layer#

Layer responsible for setting up the whole PaaS for Sterblue's applications. It includes monitoring, alerting, deployments automation, ...

Application layer#

Holds Sterblue applications. There can be multiple application layers, some for development, another for beta, and finaly one for production.