Develop. Deploy. Monitor.

Sterblue Infra is an open-source boilerplate to deploy and monitor services using Terraform, Kubernetes, Istio, Helm and Docker.

Completely open source

Why Sterblue Infra?

The reasons why we built and share this tool.

Cloud Agnostic

This Cloud Native stack is based on open source tools exclusively, and has no hard dependency on any cloud provider. You can even deploy it on premises.

Simple Standard

Building on best practices with standard tools, you will not have trouble finding engineers that master the technologies of this stack, and you'll always find help thanks to large communities.

Infrastructure as Code

No endless point-and-click. This stack is entirely based on Infrastructure-as-Code. This makes it resilient and productive: You can redeploy the entire stack in one single command.


Maintenance Costs


Open Source

45 Minutes

Disaster Recovery Time*

How Sterblue Infra works

A tool built to allow you to jump from experimentation to deployment without obstacle.


. Build

Build using Docker

Build your service using the language of your choice, just write a Dockerfile.
3RUN yarn install --immutable \
4 --immutable-cache --check-cache \
5 && yarn build:app

. Orchestrate

Orchestrate using Kubernetes

Once your service is built in it container. Describe the ressource it needs in terms of Networking, Compute and Storage by writing Yaml files.

. Deploy

Deploy using Terraform

Sterblue Infra takes care of deploying your services using Terraform. You can cutomize the deployment by writing terraform files.

. Monitor

Monitor your service

Monitor your services using state of the art monitoring tools, with real-time visualisation of what's happening on the infrastructure.

Open source state of the art Boilerplate

Sterblue Infra is based only on fully open source tools that represent the state of the art for Cloud Native Infrastructure.