Write Once. Generate Everything.

From a simple GraphQL Schema, Sterblue Graph automatically generates easy-to-extend standardized backend services and frontend components.

Why Sterblue Graph?

The reasons why we built and share this tool.

Fast and Secure

Using PostgreSQL's row-level security, Graph ensure isolation of users' data while maintaining optimal performances.

Open-Source Standards

Based on PostgreSQL, GraphQL and Graphile. Graph uses state-of-the-art open-source technologies which are regularly updated by their large and active communities.

Full-Stack Solution

Graph creates backend services and related frontend components for which automatically-generated Typescript types allows consistency.

3 Commands

To bootstrap a project


Development time


Typed with Typescript

How Sterblue Graph works

A generator used to create scalable data-centric applications.


. Define

Define your GraphQL Schema

Use the GraphQL schema standard to define your entities and their relationships in a simple, user-friendly way.
1type BlogPost {
2 id: ID!
3 title: String!
4 content: String!
5 author: Author!
8type Author {
9 id: ID!
10 name: String!
11 blogPosts: [BlogPost]

. Generate

Generate your application code

Generate all your backend and frontend boilerplates using the straightforward and minimalist Graph CLI.
> graph generate
◌ Generating types
◌ Generating Resolvers
◌ Generating Components
✓ Generation done
> graph apply
◌ Applying database schema
◌ Applying database security policies
◌ Applying database triggers and functions
✓ Apply done

. Add resolvers

Add your business logic

Write your business logic inside custom resolvers that will be automatically added to your backend API.
1const createAuthor =
2 async (resolve, src, args, ctx, info) => {
3 const authorName = args.name;
4 if (authorName === "Grievous") {
5 throw new Error(
6 "4-handed robots are not accepted here"
7 );
8 }
9 await resolve();
10 }
12export default { Mutation: createAuthor };

. Tune components

Create your UI from generated components

Tune the generated components to create a consistent UI with a top-notch UX.
1export const BlogPostList = (props) => (
2 <List {...props}>
3 <Item>
4 <Text source="id" />
5 <Text source="title" />
6 <Text source="author.name" />
7 </Item>
8 </List>

Open-source data-centric applications generator

Sterblue Graph uses open-source standards and technologies to let you create first-class applications.