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We are creative engineers and scientists building cool solutions for a digital world at Sterblue. We'd like to share some of this with you.

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Announcing Sterblue Labs

Read the announcement article about our Open Source and Open Engineering initiative, why we chose to make it happen now, and what to expect.

We build Sterblue

The core product we strive for.

Automate Infrastructures inspections using Drones and AI with Sterblue SDK

Sterblue is the product we offer to our end users. Sterblue SDK allows to gain programmatic access to Sterblue to integrate it in your workflows. You will find resources and technical engineering support here.

We create tools that define what modern inspection means

3 libraries setting new standards for Industrial Inspections.

Simplify Spatial Computation with Sterblue Perception

A Spatial 3D Scene Representation Engine, and associated applications. Perception flies drones and perform high-level analysis around 3D models. Based on NodeJS, ThreeJS and WebGL.

Automate Drones and Sensors with Sterblue Mobile

A Mobile App to control all kinds of Drones. Sterblue Mobile allows you to script the behaviour of complex Drones and Sensors. Based on Javascript and any SDK of your choice.

Use Deep Learning at scale with Sterblue Curiosity

A Scalable Image Recognition Engine Training system. Curiosity enable complex Image processing by orchestrating Neural Networks at scale. Based on Python, PyTorch, Detectron and Tensorflow.

We build the tech stack your CTO wishes he had

3 libraries to address core aspects of Enterprise SaaS.

Keep your Data safe and organized with Sterblue Graph

A GraphQL API that is automatically generated, secure and easy to extend. Graph creates the data backbone of your Enterprise SaaS by defining a simple Schema. Based on PostgreSQL, GraphQL and Graphile.

Unleash your UX with Sterblue Superblocks

A Framework to compose microfrontends. Superblocks lets you build enterprise-grade user interfaces with ease through the power of composition. Based on ReactJS.

Make your Workflows run straight with Sterblue Synapses

A Distributed Business Workflow Engine. Synapses orchestrate complex long-running workflows, enabling interactions between heterogeneous agents such as Humans and Web services alike. Based on NodeJS, Python and RabbitMQ.

And we build easy tools to solve difficult problems

Here are these additional resources we'd like to share.

Neat Useful Libraries and Packages

A set of libraries open-sourced by Sterblue, applicable to various tasks.

Infrastructure as Code pushed to its logical conclusion with Sterblue Infra

A Complete Infrastructure deployable with no point and click, entirely version controlled. Sterblue Infra is entirely deployable in one command, and configurable using a simple text editor and Git. Based on Terraform, Kubernetes and Docker.

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